Geo-Steady Baby Mama Prima Kardashi Swaps Saliva With New Lover On Boat Cruise

Geo-Steady Baby Mama Prima Kardashi Swaps Saliva With New Lover On Boat Cruise

By Ivan Mwine
Singer George Williams Kigozi aka Geosteady’s ex-lover Prima Kardashi is romping wet and wild with her new lover Henry Denson aka Mr. Henrie.

Prima, who has a tot with Geosteady although they separated, over the weekend celebrated her 28th birthday and in order to make so special she decided to go on a boat cruise together with Henrie and a few of their close pals.

Prima Kardashi with pals during the boat cruise

Moles reveal that Prima hired a luxurious boat from Speke Resort Munyonyo, which she packed with all tribes of booze and snacks which they enjoyed during their merrymaking spree as they sailed across Lake Victoria.

The Moles reveal that the height of their happiness, Prima and Henrie, who had been pulling kinky strokes as they did dirty dancing decided to ferociously swap saliva, sending their guests into ululations.

Prima Kardashi flaunts her curves

According to Moles, the couple and their pals enjoyed themselves till late in the night when they returned home in their drunken stupor for further private merrymaking.

Geosteady and Prima separated in 2020 after they developed love woes that ended in a bitter domestic battle during which he reportedly destroyed all her household items.

Prima Kardashi flags her age

Following their separation, Geosteady hooked another babe identified as Hindu Kay, who  compelled him to convert to Islam such that he can be allowed to chew her Sumbie without fear or favour by marrying her.

Geosteady with Prima Kardashi on their introduction day, months before they split

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