Geosteady Baby Mama Prima Kardashi Abandons Galaxy FM’s Mr. Henrie, Goes For ‘Kwetega Showbiz’ In Dubai

Geosteady Baby Mama Prima Kardashi Abandons Galaxy FM’s Mr. Henrie, Goes For ‘Kwetega Showbiz’ In Dubai

By Ivan Mwine

Popular musician George William Kigozi aka Geosteady’s baby mama Prima Kardashi has abandoned her lover Galaxy FM presenter Henry Arinitwe alias Mr. Henrie, in Kampala, and decided to go on a ‘Kwetega’ mission in Dubai.

Prima, who has been dating Mr. Henrie for almost two years, having hooked him up after her separation with Geosteady, the father of her two tots.

However, Moles   intimate that it seems there passionate fire that was burning in her heart for Henrie has since waned and as a result, she is in Dubai hunting for more wood for the fire.

Mr. Henrie and Prima Kardashi when they were still deeply in love

According to the Moles, Prima is currently camping in the luxurious Jumeirah Village in Dubai, where she booked into a hotel, which she has since turned into her area of private business operation.

The Moles intimate that it seems Prima is on a mission to alert loaded guys in Dubai that she is available and to achieve this, she has since started plastering her Instagram wall with very tantalizing snapshots and videos in which she is seen parading her booty.

Prima with former lover Geosteady and their tots before they split

Meanwhile, as she Prima seductively parades her booty as if in a bid to attract men’s attention.  Mr. Henrie is in Kampala coiling in his bed every night  like a priest, although there are rumours that he recently hooked himself a juicy babe, although that is a story for another day.

Prima Kardashi relaxing at a beach in Dubai

But Moles also reveal that much as Mr. Henrie was madly in love with Prima, many of his pals and relatives  did not approve of their relationship mainly because she is way older than him.

Actually, his close relatives had started making jokes about her according to Moles, by saying that if she ever gives birth for him, their child will be a ‘Baby Mzee’ as in a mature baby!

Lonely Prima plays with a red rose while in bath tub at a hotel in Dubai

Anyways, although she has two kids with her former lover Geosteady, Prima has not yet conceived for Mr. Henrie, although they have been dating for over two years now.

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