Geosteady Baby Mama Prima Kardashi Lands In Hot Soup Over Failure To Pay Chef

Geosteady Baby Mama Prima Kardashi Lands In Hot Soup Over Failure To Pay Chef

By Ivan Mwine

Celebrated singer Geoffrey Kigozi aka Geosteady’s baby mama Prima Kardashi is flossing around town and chopping cash without fear or favour to anyone, yet her employees are grassing after going months without pay.

Although most of her employees are not brave enough to air out their grievances, one of them identified as Hamza Mawanda, has since come out to make the problem publicly known in a bid to get a solution.
Prima Kardashi with new lover Mr. Henrie

Mawanda, who works at Prima’s restaurant in Munyonyo, claims  that she has not paid him for several months and over the weekend he wrote a long missive on social  media stating thus;  

“Hello everyone…I am Mawanda Hamza, I need your help, Prima Kadarshi has failed to pay me my salary for the months of May-June…. I have been working for her from the time she started her restaurant eya Prima Lusaniya awo ku Impala Hotel Munyonyo.

I started working for her from 19th July 2020 and was being paid UGX 600k and I was the Head Chef

When the lockdown came in June, the exact date when my salary was due..I ceased working for them because transport was also cut off.

However my other chef continued working for them because he lived nearer and also has a bike so it was easy for him. They told me to stay home till when the 42 days elapse…When lockdown ended, they never called me back, I waited and waited but all in vain till now…

Prima always wanted to cut off one chef so this lockdown helped her so I was indirectly cut off

I then started demanding for my money there and then but they have failed to pay me till now…

When I speak to the manager angamba he’ll let me know after talking to the boss (Prima) and when I talk to Prima directly she forwards me to the manager ever babeera bambuzaabuza…

Prima once told me she’s still stabilizing the business so I patiently waited and that was in September

I talked to the manager and he confirmed paying me in November but till now I haven’t received anything.

On 5th December, I went to the restaurant to face the manager he’s called Gumira Benjamin.

He told me Prima has told him that I’m to receive half of the salary because they got shortages during the lockdown of which that’s not an excuse because I wasn’t working with them during that period.

And the other point in question is all the other workers received full salaries during that very month I have been demanding why me to receive half salary of which they’ve taken 6 full months nga banzunza…Bannange omuliro nga tegubeerekamu baana mmwe.

Right now I’m having a very sick baby of which I’m buying meds for her but ssisobola kubeera awo nga someone ayagala kunziba ssente ze nnakolerera..Omukyala ng’ayinza okukuvuma n’ojula okukaaba…I need Justice


Attached are some of the screenshots from the boss and manager plus the appointment letter.

Hamza Mawanda the complainant

It should be noted that Geosteady has two tots with Prima Kardashi although they parted ways some time back and she has since hooked herself a new Toyboy only identified as Mr. Henrie, whom she claims is now the father of her kids.

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