Geosteady, Lover Prima Kardash In Deadly Sex War Over Side Dish

Geosteady, Lover Prima Kardash In Deadly Sex War Over Side Dish

By Our Reporter

Celebrated singer George William  Kigozi aka Geoteady is involved a bitter sex war with his Sugar Mama  only identified as Prima Kardash,  over his side-dish and baby mama Lilly Lianah.

Our Moles intimate that trouble between Geosteady and Prima, with whom he has a daughter, started late last year after she learnt that he was juggling her with city slay queen Lianah.

It is said that ever since Prima learnt that Geosteady and Lianah’s affair, she has been at loggerheads with the singer and has often vowed to teach the two a lesson they will never forget.

Geosteady and Prima Kardash before they split

A few months ago, a video circulated on social media is which Prima was filmed smashing the windows and windscreens of Geosteady’s car after she had learnt about the affair.

Since then, the two had separated beds until a few days ago when Geosteady allegedly stormed Prima Kardash’s apartment where they allegedly got involved in a bitter fight that left almost all household items destroyed.

Following their bitter fight that almost turned deadly hadn’t they been separated by neighbours, we are told a vicious Prima took to Facebook and posted a scathing message about Geosteady’s lover Lianah,  assuring her that she  (Prima) is a ‘House’ with a Land Title ‘Child’ for Geosteady and that he will just use and dump her (Lianah.)

Geosteady and Lianah kissing

She also assured Lianah that no matter how many times Geosteady is snatched he will always return to her (Prima) because he is betrothed to her until death.

However, in reply to Prima’s taunts, Lianah assured her to first ask herself why Geosteady left her in the first place and that if she wants him, all she has to do is snap her finger and he will come yelping for her.

Here are their Facebook posts  written in a mixture of vernacular and English language.


Prima Kardash’s post on Facebook about Geosteady’s Side Dish Lianah
Geosteady Side Dish Lilly Lianah’s reply to Prima Kardash’s rant on Facebook

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