Geosteady’s mystery new lover unmasked

Geosteady’s mystery new lover unmasked

By Norman Isaac Mwambazi

The recent months have proved that crooner Geosteady has been in the studio working hard to release new music for his fans but singing is not the only thing he has been doing. The “Tokendeeza” singer has been busy looking for love and if what he posted on his Facebook page a day ago is to go by, he finally scored.

Although Geosteady shared a photo of a petite woman on his Facebook page captioned “Alhamdulillah” loosely translated as “thank you God,” he cropped out her face in an effort to hide and protect her from social media in-laws that can be ruthless sometimes.

Well, his efforts to hide her belle were fruitless because Exposed Uganda has landed on the photos of the face that Geosteady tried to hide from us. We have learnt that this woman that currently gives him warmth during the cold nights and prepares him iftar during this holy month of Ramadhan goes by the name Hindu Kay on social media.

Just like his ex Prima Kardash, Geosteady’s new catch is light-skinned and word has been going around that she might have been Maama Lusu’s client at one point although we can not confidently confirm that.

On Instagram, Hindu calls herself “Mrs H”, with ‘H’ believed to stand for Hassan, the name Geosteady adopted after converting to Islam last year. We congratulate Geostedy on finding love again and wish him nothing but the best.

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