Gifted By Nature: Hottest Ugandan Slay Queens Who   Have No Jobs But Chop Cash 24/7

Gifted By Nature: Hottest Ugandan Slay Queens Who Have No Jobs But Chop Cash 24/7

By Ivan Mwine

Although most people have to work hard and hustle on a daily to get the money use to party, there are others who don’t; instead there are people who hustle hard to earn money they can spend on them.

We are talking about juicy, sexy and bootylicious slay queens, who are gifted by nature because they don’t worry about anything else in this world apart from partying and chopping dime.

Whereas most people think about how to make their families survive, these slay queens think about the latest Smartphone versions, makeup, salon, cars, having the latest fashionable dresses and  shoes in their closets, etc, because there are several guys willing to foot the bills.

Although there are millions of babes in Uganda, here are the few lucky slay queens who don’t need jobs to survive because God already catered for that by creating them with sexy bodies; 

Sharon Natukunda aka Sharne

This former NTV star, who is singer Allan Amumpaire aka Toniks’ ex-lover, is one of the babes who caused endless scrotal eruptions in Kampala before she relocated to Dubai.It is not clear exactly what business transactions she has in the United Arab Emirates but Sharne is always chillaxing at top hotels in Dubai, USA, Jamaica and other parts of the world.

 Sheila Parker Ayo

She is a sexy cross-breed of a Kenyan and Ugandan who identifies herself as a model even though she has never stepped anywhere close to the runway. Sheila, a born of Entebbe, spends most of her time abroad, checking in and out of plush hotels. It’s from her super-lavish lifestyle that some peeps concluded that Sheila is a corporate private model who only deals on the international market.

  Zeinab Sonia 

She’s hot, attractive, seemingly loaded with a scary attitude that leads you into thinking she’s the proprietor of most style brands in Uganda. She possesses an arguably elevated sense of style that often portrays her as rich, and bad-ass.She is said to be Classy and high-end only eyeing loaded yuppies in the corporate world. She is regular on A-list events and private parties. Few hubbies can walk past her without turning their heads. 

Jaymie Kardash

Bold, daring and unrepentantly sexy, Jaymie calls herself ‘Boss A** Bitch.’ No guy, married or not would  mind splashing millions on her. Jaymie, when singled out, is a fresh graduate whose biggest asset currently seems to be her wild booty and wild lifestyle. Expensive trips abroad, hanging out at plush chill zones and loaded guys are her way of life.

Seanice Glam Mukisa

She has rocked the scene for years, but she keeps her life as secretive as you can imagine. Seanice is a sexy, arousing and reserved socialite who dumped a top loaded official at CAA for UK based Nkuba Kyeyo Elly Kasule. Rocking bikinis and flaunting her juicy light-skinned body has scored her lavish holiday trips from one country, plus living a lavish life despite having no clear job.

Katrina Nilzero

She is considered an Instagram model since she flaunts her body and fashion styles on that social media platform often. Katrina is singer Leila Kayondo’s sister and is often trotting the globe merrymaking sprees, although the source of her income remains a mystery.

Prosper Kyeyune

She is fondly referred to as Candy Kardash. She is considered the old guard among Kampala Slay Queens. She turned herself into a cross boarder ‘slay queen’. She is a socialite of sorts who attends all posh parties in town. Candy was at one time a close pal to Meddie Ssentongo when he was still loaded but has in the past been close to various loaded married men in town. She has been to Dubai on numerous holiday trips courtesy of loaded married men. She is regular in USA and never misses the annual Ugandan conventions held there.

Sania Sash Berries

She is considered to be Kampala’s celebrated most curved party animal and slay queen. Sania sparked off a storm some time back after her very kinky snaps leaked on social media. Sania Beeries has since been off social circles after the very kinky pictures leaked but that didn’t stop her from slaying and partying hard. 

Safah Nansubuga

Safah has enjoyed trips in different parts of the world courtesy of her booty and these trips are usually sponsored by dudes. Her special interest in the rich and famous is known amongst her pals. Some time back she tried to settle down for marriage with an engineer, who is based in the Seychelles Islands but she found it boring and quickly quit before she returned back to slaying.

Latifah Kavuma aka TK Berries

This one is daughter of loaded events promoter Musa Kavuma of KT Events. Well, even if her father is wealthy, at least we would expect her to be actively involved in business too.However, TK Berries prefers spending most of her time in Dubai, USA, China and other countries where she goes for  money-chopping sprees that are disguised as shopping trips.A few years back she attempted living as a wife by getting married to city businessman Shaffik Kisambira but their marriage collapsed because he couldn’t handle her relentless binge partying.

Brinah Slim Bae

She is an extremely sexy creature that makes several men salivate whenever they see her and although her line of business is not yet clear, Brinah spends most of her time at top Kampala hotels, where often poses for bikini  snaps that she shares with pals.

Fionah Tumusiime aka  Fifie Tumie

This one is the latest mesmerizing exportation from Kigali to Kampala, who is causing a stampede on streets and top hotels in town. Signed to Abryanz Models,  Fifie is causing tongues wherever she goes wagging her juicy booty and although she is not officially employed, we can assure that this sexy bimbo doe not lack anything in life.

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