Glamour As Matovu Gifts Wifey Nadia 1000 Roses  On Valentine’s Day

 Glamour As Matovu Gifts Wifey Nadia 1000 Roses  On Valentine’s Day

By Ivan Mwine

Whoever thought tycoon Charles Mbiire’s daughter Nadia Kabahita Matovu and her hubby Yasser Matovu are about to split should go and hang on a tomato tree!

This is because our Moles reveal that the celebrity couple is growing their love each day that dawns and Matovu proved it on Valentine’s Day when he gave her 1000 roses.
Nadia Matovu shows off her 1000 roses from hubby Yasser Matovu

Actually, Nadia is the only person in Uganda, nay even across the borders, to receive a bouquet of 1000 roses on Valentine’s Day, a record very few people hold world over.

We are told the roses, which had been freshly picked from the garden, were delivered at the couple’s crib on Monday morning  and since there was no vase to hold them, she decided to put them in the trunk  of her sleek Mercedes Benz, which got filled to capacity.

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It should be noted that Nadia and Matovu, who got married in 2016 and have two kids together, had developed misunderstandings after a video  leaked on social media in which she was rumoured to have been filmed in a hotel room with another man.

Power couple Nadia and hubby Matovu

However, she swiftly rubbished the allegations that blamed her haters for being behind the smear campaign, before she sorted out the issue with Matovu.

Nowadays the two are deeply and madly in love with each other as if nothing has ever happened between them.

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