God’s Plan, Rickmanrick Beefing Over TV Star Gashumba

God’s Plan, Rickmanrick Beefing Over TV Star Gashumba

By Ivan Mwine

There is a very bitter war raging on  between socialite Ali Marcus Lwanga aka God’s   Plan and singer Derrick Ddungu aka Rickman Manrick over sexy NBS TV  host Sheilah Gashumba.

Apparently, the beef stems from the fact that  the two men were at one time close friends but they later parted ways after  God’s Plan learnt that Rickman was encroaching on Gashumba.

God’s Plan posted Rickman Manrick’s photo with the above caption

God’s Plan made the shocking revelation on his twitter handle when he posted an old photo of Rickmanrick which he captioned; ‘Niggar used to come to my home to eat food!’

Actually, Rickman revealed during an interview with a local radio station a few days ago that it  was Gashumba who approached him with an intention of promoting his music career but instead,  they ended up bonking.

Sexy Sheilah Gashumba dumped God’s Plan and hooked up his pal Rickman Manrick

He However, what hurts God’s Plan most according to pals is that the ‘nigger who used to go to his crib to eat his food is now   chewing his ex-lover (Gashumba).

It should be noted that Gashumba dumped God’s Plan in 2020 after  they developed irreconcilable sex woes that bordered on offside romping.

Rickman Manrick is the one enjoying Gashumba’s Sumbie nowadays

By the time they separated Gashuma, who had tattooed God’s Plan’s name on her body, was cohabiting with him at Speke Apartments, where he was renting an apartment then, after she had fled from her father Frank Gashumba’s house.

So it was at Speke Apartments that Rickman apparently used to go  to eat God’s Plan’s food yet he was also secretly eyeing her Sumbie until he finally managed to chew it  after she had dumped God’s Plan and even erased the tattoo of his name off her body.

But all that notwithstanding, God’s Plan is not about to forgive Rickman whom he regards as a snake  that snitched on him yet he had been helping him and  for that reason the two don’t cross paths!  


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