Gospel Music Star Levixone Chewing Desire Luzinda’s Sumbie, Couple Plans To Hold Secret Wedding

Gospel Music Star Levixone Chewing Desire Luzinda’s Sumbie, Couple Plans To Hold Secret Wedding

By Ivan Mwine
Fresh news that has just reached our desk indicates that celebrated Ugandan gospel music icon Sam Lucas Lubyogo, popularly known as Levixone, of the ‘Chikibombe’ fame, is the man swimming in singer Desire Luzinda’s Kitone!

And that’s not all; Levixone is not only chewing Desire’s Sumbie but Moles reveal that the two are planning a secret wedding that is slated to happen soon.

Gorgeous singer Desire Luzinda

Information from reliable sources indicates that Levixone has been drilling Desire’s Kitone for almost three years now after they hooked up in 2019, but agreed to keep their relationship a top secret, since she had relocated to the USA.


However, our  Moles have since busted them and we can ably reveal that preparations for the wedding are going on behind the scenes  and we shall bring all the juicy details as and when they unfold.

It should be noted that Desire has not been known to date any man ever since her former  Nigerian lover  Franklin Emobour leaked her nude photos and sex videos in 2014, which exposed her watery Kitone.

Desire Luzinda wishing Levixone a happy birthday in 2021

But she is so deeply in love with Levixone that she doesn’t even forget celebrating his birthday and to prove this, here are the messages she wrote for him on Instagram both in 2019 and last year;

In 2019 Desire wrote: “Better late than Never so they say… you have always been a lover of God and a server of man. I must say you have so far set a precedent that generations will live to acknowledge and pattern after. May God grant you your heart’s desires @levixone #happybirthday’

Levixone replied: “am so humbled my love … i give the glory back to Jesus … The one I love by loving people and serve by serving people … Thanks so much for standing with us every time.”

Desire sending Levixone birthday greetings in 2019

In 2020 she wrote;”Dear Levi,I hope this finds you Joyful as always. On this your day I am in awe of your #kindness #calmness , #maturity , #loyalty , #humility and above all a heart like God’s; so loving , slow to anger and very #forgiving. I am blessed to have you as a friend . May you enjoy your new age and I pray for God to continue showing Himself strong in you.You are loved!@levixone.”

Desire with Michelle’s dad Mike Kaddu

The singer who has since transitioned from singing secular music to gospel music, made headlines some  time back after two  powerful men; Lt. Col. Juma Seiko and Mike Kaddu, a city businessman, clashed over her only daughter Michelle Luzinda.

Lt. Col. Juma Seiko thought he was Michelle’s father only to get disappointed

Army man Seiko, who chewed Desire’s Sumbie when she was still studying at Makerere University, had all along convinced himself that he was Michelle’s father but he got shocked when Desire assured him that  Kaddu is the biological father of her child.

Since then Desire and Seiko do not cross paths and can never sit at the same the table, yet they used to share a bed.

Watch the space for updates!


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