Gospel Star Emily Kikazi Battles Strange Illness

Gospel Star Emily Kikazi Battles Strange Illness

By Ivan Mwine

Popular Uganda gospel artist Emily Mwebaze aka Emily Kikazi, who is based in Western Uganda, is battling a strange illness that has since seen her skin take on a strange, pale complexion.

Emily Mwebaze battling strange illness

Our Moles in Western Uganda reveal that Mwebaze, who was some time back working with Urban TV before she fell out with her bosses, reveal that the popular gospel artist has been bedridden for the past few days, although her actual affliction is yet to be revealed to the public.


“She has been on drip and receiving intense medical care  for the past few days, although she doesn’t want to tell pals what her illness really is,” said a Mole who preferred anonymity.

Emily Mwebaze was glowing before the strange illness attacked her

Actually, Mwebaze has since gone ahead to confirm word from our Moles about her problematic health status   by saying thus on social media;

“God snatched me from the devil’s claws yesterday 26th September, 2022 after a nasty health incident. I now have one other strong reason to celebrate each day I leave my house healthy and come back alive. The future is the minute you LIVE!  Praying for a steady recovery for now.”

Well, whatever illness could be eating up Mwebaze we banish in God’s name and wish her quick recovery.

Gone are the days when Mwebaze looked so gorgeous and sexy

Based in Mbarara, where she works with TV West, Mwebaze is a renowned gospel artist who mainly sings in Lunyankore and is known for popular jams like ‘Obusingye’, ‘Tukore’, ‘Ebirabo’, ‘Back to Back’, among others.


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