Gov’t Bans Preachers,  Karimojong Beggars From Streets

Gov’t Bans Preachers,  Karimojong Beggars From Streets

By Ivan Mwine

The government  of Uganda has through the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) banned  preachers and Karimojong beggars from the  streets of Kampala.

The directive, which was issued Monday by the Residential City  Commissioner (RCC) Hood Hussein, comes a few weeks after KCCA banned  vendors from the streets of Kampala.
Government wants Karimojong beggars off streets

According to the new directives which are becoming effective June, all preachers, especially Pentecostal born-again Christians, are to get off the streets and start preaching at their churches.

“We are of the view that preachers should do the preaching at their churches instead of the streets. We have not seen any logic behind them preaching on streets so we call upon religious leaders to adjust and conform to the new regulations,” RCC Hussein said.

He added that KCCA had also issued a directive to all beggars, especially the Karimojong to get off streets, failure to do which they will be forcefully removed.

“These people are becoming a source of insecurity; they move around with kids who are often used to rob money and other valuables from people,” Hussein said.

Hussein, who also noted that the beggars contribute to littering the streets, revealed that KCCA has given them until June to   either leave the streets or be forcefully removed.

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