‘Gov’t Plans To Link NUP To Komamboga Terrorist Attack’-Ssenyonyi

‘Gov’t Plans To Link NUP To Komamboga Terrorist Attack’-Ssenyonyi

By Ivan Mwine

Leaders of the National Unity Platform (NUP) led by the party Principal Robert Kyagulanyi aka have tasked the government to thoroughly investigate the bomb attack attack that happened in Komamboga, a Kampala suburb, on Saturday evening, killing one person and injuring many others.

Speaking during a press conference held at their offices in Kamwokya on Monday, the NUP Spokesperson Joel Ssenyonyi said that  the police should expeditiously investigate who masterminded the attack, because there are allegations that some government individuals are planning to link NUP members to the bomb blast.


Ssenyonyi said that;On Saturday night the nation witnessed a bomb blast in Komamboga, we commiserate with the families that have victims.

“We want proper investigations. As NUP and citizens we demand proper investigations,” he added.

He noted that;”We have some government officials who have started linking this to NUP;  we already have some fabricated cases against NUP members Sewanyana and Segirinya plus other Ugandans who are rotting in jails on fabricated cases, we shall not allow to be  hoodwinked.”

NUP SG Lewis Rubongoya addressing the media

“Police has where to start because recently police arrested ISO operatives in a Petrol bombs saga. So it is time they start from there. For example Zembra Mando’s family are still waiting for justice since president accepted that his people from the security organization killed him.”

Ssenyonyi asserted that; “We are putting the regime on notice . So we are alerting them that we are aware of what they are trying to do to frame NUP in the Komamboga explosive. Yes we have heard ISIS is owning up but we want swift and honest investigation carried out.”

Commenting about the continued closure of schools, Ssenyonyi said; “Because of the continued closure of schools, the resultant effects have already ended the future of some young girls who have been impregnated and will no longer go back even if schools are opened.”

“Can we see the seriousness of government in this vaccination campaign? Because by January we shall not have hit the 7 million target. So we demand education is given priority. It is said there is a slow pace in the vaccination, let’s look for a way of opening schools because there is no time to hit the target.”

The NUP spokesperson also spoke about the continued curfew,  saying thus; “Our other concern is this continued curfew, some bars are open, especially those for powerful officials. In Kenya it has opened. We need to get away with this curfew that is no longer; it doesn’t make sense that Corona moves at night. We say curfew is no longer necessary. We should look for a way how we can live with Corona. 

On his part, the NUP Secretary General Lewis Rubongoya commented up the forthcoming by elections in Mityana and Kayunga Districts, saying the Party is ready to take on the National Resistance Movement (NRM).

 He also commented about the continued imprisonment of NUP all members who  he said the Party is working tirelessly to ensure that they get released.

” The regime is going all on same script that happened to Kizza Besigye. We were not surprised when we saw a clip of Komamboga when a woman was narrating things trying to link People Power to the attack, ” Rubongoya said.

He added that;”We already have a truck driver who came to us telling us that he was given an explosive to go with it and he would be arrested at the border and confess that it was given to him by honourable Kyagulanyi. The man is now running for his life.


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