Graphic: Bubbly Model Kyomugisha’s X-rated Photos Leak

Graphic: Bubbly Model Kyomugisha’s X-rated Photos Leak

By Ivan Mwine

Very kinky photos of city model Patience Kyomugisha have leaked to and as you know, our job is to expose!

Kyomugisha’s photos which our Moles have landed on will leave a lot of eyebrows raised and mouths drooling.

Patience Kyomugisha flashes her rear view

In one of the snaps, bummy Kyomugisha, who is clad on a black bra and knickers, is seen cutting a cheeky pose, while in another, she is seen covering her nakedness with a pillow as she crouches on a bed.

Bummy Kyomugisha posing on a bathtub

Our Moles have since established that Kyomugisha’s kinky photos were taken by randy city photographer Bash Mutumba, who has since made himself a name in town as a photographer who specializes in naked photoshoots.

Bubbly Model Kyomugisha doing her thing

The Moles reveal that besides Kyomugisha however, Mutumba has photographed several other city models nude among them Sharlyn Kamara and has in his possession albums of their kinky snaps.

Kyomugisha, according to pals, is a freelance model in Kampala for hire, who at times also works as an usher at exclusive parties and events.

Bash Mutumba, the man behind Kyomugisha’s kinky snaps

It should however be noted that such acts breach the Anti-pornography Act and if either Mutumba or Kyomugisha are found culpable in the leakage of these nudes they are likely to find themselves on the wrong side of the law.

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