Graphic: Police Dog Mauls Murder Suspect On X-mas Day

Graphic: Police Dog Mauls Murder Suspect On X-mas Day

By Ivan Mwine
Disturbing images of a Uganda Police dog, also known as K9 mauling a man suspected to have committed murder during the festive season have flooded social media, sparking off reactions from several Ugandans.

The Police K9 mauling the suspect as cops arrest him

In the camera footage, which was tweeted by AIGP Asan  Kasingye, man, who is said to have committed murder and later his at his home in Bukedea district, is seen being mauled on the thigh by the fierce dog as another plain clothed officer pulls him out of the hut.

AIGP Asan Kasingye’s tweet

“That’s how the Police K9 arrested murder suspect in Bukedea on Christmas Day. Let’s support the police in doing its work. Police UG,” Kasingye captioned the video, although he didn’t divulge details.”

However, on watching the video, several Ugandans have since aired their views about it on social media and here are some of them;

Prof. Jamil Mujuzi: In two cases my relatives asked the police to bring those dogs and the suspects were arrested (still in possession of the stolen property). The dogs are helpful. The only challenge is that in both cases my relatives had to pay for fuel (for police vehicle to transport the dogs). Those dogs instill fear in some criminals. In my area when word goes around that arrangements are being made to bring the dogs, some criminals confess to the commission of the offences.

The cops drag the suspect away as dog mauls him still

Lubega Julius: Dog not well restrained could injure the SUSPECT 

Chief Explainer: A suspect remains one until proven guy by a competent court. Let’s respect their right to privacy.

Chairman General-NOTU: Wow this  is great once the scene of crime is tempered with the dog officers are so professional and very  effective .

Danani XI: There some people who mudered zebra senyange in his home can we borrow that dog afande

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