Hajji Ssemudu Jubilates After Museveni Appoints Him Sudan Ambassador

Hajji Ssemudu Jubilates After Museveni Appoints Him Sudan Ambassador

By Ivan Mwine
Hajji Dr. Yahya Rashid Ssemuddu is jubilating after lobbying to be reinstated as ambassador, following a long time on ‘Katebe.’

Ssemuddu, who is one of the wealthy Muslim clerics in Uganda, had been dropped a few years ago and  had always lobbied through different power brokers to be reinstated in vain,  until President Yoweri Museveni appointed him Ugandan envoy in Sudan, Khartoum, a few days ago.

It should be recalled that Ssemuddu attracted many wrangles when he was still an envoy in the Middle East because of his alleged involvement in gold deals.


While in the Middle East, Ssemuddu  represented Uganda in different countries including Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran and Dubai but one time he lost the slot following intrigue with a Foreign Affairs official, yet at the same time he was also said to be involved in shady gold deals.

Moles reveal that sagas surrounding his name then resulted into his being  dropped as an envoy.

It is said that after lobbying to be reinstated for a long time without any success, Ssemuddu had  around 2019 lost guts and decided to involve himself in personal businesses.

He also concentrated on preaching Dawah Islamic seminars on social media, through which  he would lobby to become Supreme Mufti for the Kibuli sect after former Supreme Mufti sheikh Siliman Ndilangwa resigned.

 Ssemuddu, who is currently preparing to assume his office in Khartoum, Sudan, is to replace  James William Kinobe, who was dropped.


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