Hamza’s Bonking Sessions Yield Results As Rema Gives Birth

Hamza’s Bonking Sessions Yield Results As Rema Gives Birth

By Simon Abaho

News coming in to our news desk indicate that singer Rema Namakula has finally given birth to a bouncing baby boy for her husband Dr. Hamza Ssebunya. She finally proves to her haters that she is can give birth for Hamza

harmza and rema

Months and months have gone by with netizens guessing how long Rema had been pregnant since the singer declined to comment on her pregnancy claims. She has also been in hiding, preventing people from seeing her heavy baby bump owing to mysterious reasons.


However, she was spotted several times with her husband, Hamza Ssebunya going to a Nakawa health center for antenatal checkups. News now indicates that Rema has indeed been pregnant and has already given birth to a boy.

Rema with a baby bump

More so, the same news conclude that, Rema Namakula after giving birth to a baby boy, she is said to be in good health plus the baby. Hamza Ssebunya is now a father and he rubbishes allegations of his ex-lover who asserted that he is sterile he can not impregnate a woman.

Dr Hamrza Over the Moon with the news of the Birth.

The “tikula” hit maker has been in hiding ever since her pregnancy became obvious for everyone to see, she opted to stay inside and nurse the pregnancy until she gave birth yesterday.


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