Health Min. PRO Ainebyona Roasted For Dissing Award Winning Ugandan Movie The Girl In The Yellow Jumper

Health Min. PRO Ainebyona Roasted For Dissing Award Winning Ugandan Movie The Girl In The Yellow Jumper

By Ivan Mwine
This week started badly for Emmanuel Ainebyona, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Health.

According to what is transpiring, it seems Ainebyona is watching a lot of movies instead of concentrating on doing his PR work and he has since started critiquing some of them.

Emmanuel Ainebyona’s tweet

However,  Ainebyona opened a Pandora’s Box for himself on Monday after he posted a tweet in which he was critiquing Ugandan movie producer Loukman Ali’s new film ‘The Girl In The Yellow Jumper’, which is was the first Ugandan movie to feature on Netflix.

“Watched but it’s  just fake. But improved production. Some character  ” actor” vomiting  a tortoise. Things don’t  add up in this movie,” Ainebyona tweeted Monday.

The moment Ainebyona aired his views, Loukman was the first to respond, although in a humble manner and the two later reached an amicable agreement after Ainebyona coiled his tail.

Loukman said: “This was my very first attempt at making a feature film in 2019 I’ve since improved and hope to improve some more, you can check out this short film I made last year (2020) I believe you’ll see the improvement, again thanks for taking the time to watch.”

However, other Tweeps didn’t have kind words for Ainebyona and here are some of them;

Duncan Abigaba: Ugandans are cooking @ainbyoo for critiquing #TheGirlInTheYellowJumper in Rukiga. Congratulations @LoukmanAli for putting Uganda on Netflix. I watched last night and the movie actually showcases Uganda’s tourism potential. I’ll leave critiquing to experts like @Timothy Kalyegira, #Netflix.

Tony Otoa: Critics are really funny. Some chaps are criticizing a Ugandan movie that made a debut on  Netflix. I have tried to look for the Critics’ movies or any success stories, and realised that people with nothing to do will have the most time to criticise those that are doing. Kudos Loukman Ali.

It should be noted Loukman Ali recently won the Janzi Award for best movie producer and director of the year.

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