Health Ministry Considers Second K’la Lockdown Due To Surge In COVID-19 Cases

Health Ministry Considers Second K’la Lockdown Due To Surge In COVID-19 Cases

By Mable Nakibuuka

Officials from the Ministry of Health are considering announcing a second lockdown on Kampala Metropolitan Area as a result of the increasing numbers of Coronavirus (COVID-19) infections in the country.

The transport Minister Gen. Katuma Wamala warned on Tuesday government might be forced to suspend public transport means, while the Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary Dr Diana Atwine warned that the Ministry might announce another lockdown due to the increasing numbers of infections in the country.

According to the Ministry, Uganda has so far registered 1,603 cumulative COVID-19 infection cases, with 15 deaths and 1,165 recoveries.

Ministry of Health being tested for COVID-19

A statement from the Ministry of Health about the increasing numbers of infections in Kampala reads in part thus;

The Ministry of Health with concern has observed the rapidly increasing cases in Kampala. The number of cases has been rising since the lifting of the lockdown restrictions.

This is because the community is not following the standard operating procedures that include; hand washing, proper use of face masks and social distancing whenever in public places like workplaces, arcades and public transport.

In addition to this, the Ministry of Health notes that most of the fatal cases report to the health facilities very late.


Min of Health Statement about COVID-19

We therefore appeal to the general population to report to the nearest health facility or through the Ministry of Health toll free lines 0800-100-066 or 919 as soon as they observe the following symptoms; flue-like symptoms (flu, sneezing, sore throat and coughing, fever, difficulty in breathing and chest pain).

Similarly, the public should ensure wearing of masks appropriately and strict adherence to social/physical distancing measures at all times.

Meanwhile, we have also established as a way of safeguarding the lives of all members on the COVID-19 National Task Force, the Ministry of Health subjected some members of the team to mandatory COVID-19 testing on Wednesday, to ensure that none of them is carrying the virus. Commenting about the matter, the Ministry Spokesperson Emmanuel Ainebyoona tweeted thus;

“The members of @MinofHealthUG Communication team involved on the COVID-19 Response have just had their samples drawn for testing. Knowing our COVID-19 status is important. COVID-19 is not a death sentence once detected early. Together we can defeat the virus.”

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