High Rate Of Drunkenness Amongst Police Officers Worries Ugandans

High Rate Of Drunkenness Amongst Police Officers Worries Ugandans

By Our Reporter

Several concerned Ugandans are becoming concerned about the increasing rate of drunkenness among police officers, especially during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown.

According to these concerned Ugandans, many of who preferred anonymity, several police officers across the country have neglected their duties and resorted to boozing 24/7.

A Cop who appears to be drunk snoring away

As a result, many of them are either found snoring during day time at their police posts or seen staggering as they fall along roads while heading home from bars.

However, the concerned citizens are worried that such drunken police officers might turn into a security threat because they are prone to committing crimes.

Indeed the social media is awash with videos of drunken police officers,  in which some are seen staggering and asking their colleagues for help, while others were pictured sleeping on the floor, in what appears to be a total blackout.

A senior police officer sleeping on the floor after a booze binge

However, by the time of filing this story our efforts to reach police spokesperson Patrick Onyango for a comment about this article were futile because he could be reached on his office telephone  since it was a weekend.


He slept with his gun on the floor

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