Hips Don’t Lie: Most Bootylicious Slay Queens Unveiled

Hips Don’t Lie: Most Bootylicious Slay Queens Unveiled

By Our Reporter

Although they say all women are equal, there are indeed some that are more equal than others.

These are the ones that God created with very tempting bodies, with booty  that can tickle  the appetite of any warm-blooded man, be it a priest of monk.


The kind of babes0 we are talking about are the ones whose curves will automatically force to take a second glance, at least for optical nutrition.

Allen Kamukama

This is because God positioned their curves in  such a manner that whoever encounters them will be tempted to touch, feel and enjoy these bootylicious creatures.

Annet Kirabo

We thus unveil a list of some of the most curvaceous slay queens that have done a good job at keeping a smile on men’s faces  through flaunting their delicious booty.

Barbra Murungi
Jack Bebez
Samantha Aturinde
Matovu Jalia Khalisa
Miranda Kamuntu


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