Horrible: Lira Nursing School Principal Dies After Her Car Plunges Into Swamp

Horrible: Lira Nursing School Principal Dies After Her Car Plunges Into Swamp

By Ivan Mwine

Horror has engulfed people in Lira District after Irene Rina Akot, who was the Principal of Lira Nursing School,  died in a terrible accident that occurred  on Sunday afternoon.

According to eyewitness, Akot, who was driving to her home in Gulu, died after the vehicle she was driving veered off the road and plunged into a deep swamp.

Akot’s car after it had plunged into a swamp

The car rolled into a swamp in Oyam district along Lira-Bobi-Gulu Road, popularly known as the Lira Kamdini Road, at Oryangapat Swamp in Ngai sub-county.

The school’s director, Peter Okoda, confirmed the incident but did not give much information.

Although by press time the traffic police had not yet issued an official statement about  the nasty incident , Akot’s death has since been confirmed by many of her friends who are eulogizing her on social media and here is what some of them said;

Irene Rina Akot (RIEP)

Alwoch Jennifer:

My dear Irene Rina Akot, why😭😭😭

I still can’t believe you are gone, the memories are fresh from the first day we met at the African Women’s Leadership Institute till the last time we met a week ago, on Monday this week you drove to my house and didn’t get me at home because you couldn’t reach me and left a message behind little did I know you were bidding us farewell.

 You were one of the women behind my growth, a mentor, a friend, a confidant and a sister😭😭😭You trusted me as a stranger from the day one and took me to your house as a sister even when I moved on to start my own life you were still there for me, you guided me, supported my business, bought me goodies among others.

I feel pain being in your house today knowing you will not come back, the house is quiet unlike before where we would be laughing and watching movies together, telling stories, eating and drinking together.

You had a heart of helping the needy something we share in common and passion for working with girls and women.

The girls that counted on you are now helpless since you were their source of hope.

Accident why???

Rest well with the Angels 🙏🙏🙏

Joel Odota is feeling sad with Joanita Ayenyo.

Rest in peace, Akot Irene Rina 😢

Great friend and leader, whom I met through the Yali Rlc East Africa – Nairobi Kenya  in 2016. Rina died today in a motor accident along Gulu-Kampala highway.

At the time of her death, she was the academic registrar of Jerusalem School of Nursing and Midwifery and founder of Inspirare Una Vita initiative as well as vice chair of the YALI Northern Uganda Chapter which I’m part of. What a big loss!

May your soul Rest In Peace, Rina!


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