Horror: Min. Nandutu On Spot For Keeping Silent As Torture, Murder Rage On In Karamoja

Horror: Min. Nandutu On Spot For Keeping Silent As Torture, Murder Rage On In Karamoja

By Ivan Mwine

The Minister of State in Charge of Karamoja Affairs Agnes Nandutu has come under the spotlight for remaining tight-lipped as Karimojongs are being brutally tortured and killed by the military.

A policeman stands next too a body of a Karimojong man

It should be noted that the army launched an offensive in Karamoja last month, in a bid to some Karimojong who they say are perpetrating cattle rustling.

Stripped corpse of a Karimojong man

The operation, which was backed by the Commander of Land Forces (CLF)Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, was launched after suspected Karimojong rustlers killed two geologists and their three armed guards who were Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) soldiers.

Body of a Karimojong woman

The killers fled with the soldiers’ guns after the murder and it is not yet clear whether they have since been arrested or not.

However, human rights activists, including Mityana Municipality Member of Parliament (MP) Francis Zaake have since called upon government to conduct thorough investigation into what is happening currently in Karamoja.

Zaake has vowed to organize a group of legislators and other human rights activists to march to Karamoja in a bid to show solidarity for the Karimojong and to protest the current arbitrary torture and murder being committed by armed forces in the sub-region.

Body of Karimojong man with wounds on the head lying in a bush

“Every Ugandan life matters! We must go to Karamoja sub-region and stand with our brothers and sisters physically. #TugendaKaramoja,” Zaake, who shared some photos of dead Karimojong, posted on social media, Thursday.

Body of Karimojong man with tied legs lies on the ground

It should however be noted that despite the arbitrary killings being perpetrated by the military in Karamojja, the government and the UPDF are yet to issue an official statement about the operation.


Body of a tortured Karimojong man lies in a bush
Karimojong protesting against the killings


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