Hot Soup: UIA Director Busobozi In Trouble Over Frustrating Investors, Sabotaging Museveni Manifesto

Hot Soup: UIA Director Busobozi In Trouble Over Frustrating Investors, Sabotaging Museveni Manifesto

By Ivan Mwine

Whereas attracting investors to invest in Uganda so as to fight poverty in the country by creating job opportunities is one of the salient points in President Yoweri Museveni’s manifesto, there is an official at the Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) sabotaging this by frustrating investors.

The official frustrating investors and seemingly sabotaging President Museveni’s manifesto happens to be Ahmed Busobozi, the Deputy Director  Finance and Administration at UIA.

We have established from credible sources at the UIA offices in Kampala that Busobozi has since become a huge stumbling block for not only investors but also fellow staff members, something that has seen several of them resign their jobs because they can no longer stomach his mode of operation.

The sources reveal that Busobozi wants to run UIA like his personal business or house of sorts, whereby he dictates on everything, even when there is an established chain of command and organization structure at the Authority.

Sources at the Authority reveal that Busobozi has since divided the institution by causing clashes amongst staff members and waging wars or fueling grudges against anyone who is not in his good books.

It is said that he manipulated the systems at UIA, something that led to the resignation of his former boss Ms. Barbara Kabuchu, who was the head of Finance and Administration.

Following Kabuchu’s exit, Busobozi has since positioned himself to take over as director Finance and Administration without following the proper recruitment process, yet his past record, especially when he was working at the Public Procurement and Disposal of Assets (PPDA), is questionable.

It is alleged that he disappeared with official documents  from PPDA, which is an offence that would actually lead him to jail for illegal possession of government property.

Former UIA E.D Jolly Kamukama was flushed out due to intrigue and internal wars

Besides Kabuchu however, there are other senior UIA staff members who have resigned as a result of Busobozi’s unprofessional mode of operation and some these include; Rukia Adam, the former head Legal Unit, Denis Adoko, the former head of Procurement and Robina Magoba, from the Investment Promotion Unit.

The sources also reveal that Busobozi has since decided to make all passwords for the payment system a personal possession, something that not only frustrates operations at the UIA but also frustrates all companies and individual investors dealing with the Authority.

This is because many companies and individual investors who have executed contracts with UIA have gone years without receiving payments for the works done, yet the money meant to pay them was released by the Authority long ago.

It is alleged that instead of paying the contractors, Busobozi prefers to make payments at his own discretion, moreover without following the standing orders and procedures.

It is thus alleged that through Busobozi’s unbecoming work ethic, UIA is losing its mandate of managing a One Stop Centre (OSC) for investors, yet the President has so much interest in it as one of the ways to boost the economy.

This inadvertently means that Busobozi is not serving interests that of the government at UIA but rather bent on serving and fulfilling his own interests, something that is detrimental to the country and so unpatriotic.

Besides his improper work ethic, Busobozi is also being faulted for never being available at office and not answering phone calls from   organisations and investors dealing with UIA, something that has left many people wondering what kind of executive he is.

It should however be noted that Busobozi’s saga comes at a time when UIA is operating as if it is under some sort of curse or jinx.

The Authority recently flushed out the former Executive Director Jolly Kamukama, whose exit was linked to endless internal wars and grappling from disgruntled executives.

But now observers contend that Busobozi’s Modus Operandi is bound to cause problems for the new Executive Director Robert Mukiza.

Actually, it should be noted that UIA has the same mandate as the Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU) but as per now, PSFU seems to be playing all the roles that would have been played by UIA, thanks to people like Busobozi.

So, whereas PSFU is making great strides in the economy, UIA is being lagged behind by Busobozi and his kins, who have since become saboteurs and Kawukumi (weevils) within the Authority.

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