Housing Finance Bank Finally Speaks Out On Kituka Sex Scandal, Alleged Murder

Housing Finance Bank Finally Speaks Out On Kituka Sex Scandal, Alleged Murder


By Mable Nakibuuka

The Management of Housing Finance Bank (HFB) have finally come out to the clear air about allegations that one of their staff, a senior manager  was shot dead after being caught having sex with a married woman.

The allegation started after a letter purportedly written by the cuckolded husband, only identified as Ssozi, to Ivan Kituka, the  Senior Manager Branch Performance and Customer Experience at HFB, circulated on social media, together with his pictures and those of the purported married woman, Dorothy Ssozi, whom he was  banging.


The lethal letter, in which a one Ssozi vowed to shoot Kituka for allegedly snatching his wife and destroying his family, was followed by a disturbing video in which a man who had allegedly been caught with a married  woman is seen pleading  for mercy before three men, who brutally shoot him dead while wishing him to Rest in Peace.

In  response to the allegations, HFB has since issued a statement alerting the general public  to treat the allegations with the contempt they deserve  and that the police have already started investigations in to the matter after management of the Bank filing a case with them.

The Statement reads in part thus; “Housing Finance Bank has noted with concern the recent social and print media publications regarding the alleged improper conduct of two of our employees.

The allegations further went ahead to impute loss of life. We would like to clarify that there is no loss of life as alleged.

Statement from Housing Finance Bank about the scandal

Cognizant of the seriousness of this matter, the Bank is interrogating the allegations and is committed to taking appropriate action/s in line with its zero-tolerance policy for such conduct.

The aspect regarding threats to life is being investigated by the lawful authorities and the Bank is committed to supporting the due process of the law.”

However, what has raised many eyebrows among social media followers is that Kitaka, the man at the centre of the sex scandal, has neither reported the matter to police, yet it concerns his life, nor issued a public statement about them, either denying or admitting the allegations.

However, efforts to contact him for a comment were unfruitful after officials   at the Bank  denied our requests for his office and personal telephone contacts.


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