How Infidelity, Gay Antics Crashed Pastor Mondo’s Marriage With Aida

How Infidelity, Gay Antics Crashed Pastor Mondo’s Marriage With Aida

By Ivan Mwine

Self-proclaimed Ugandan pastor Franklin Mondo Mugisha is a man of God whose lifestyle contradicts his teachings.

We recently revealed how Mondo, whose baby mama Sarah Nakuya died a few days ago under mysterious circumstances, had declared his intentions to romp with Joel Ssepuya, an actor with the Ebonies drama group, who is currently in France.

However, the latest from our Moles is that although little is known to his believers, pastor Mondo  was some time back married to a woman identified as Aida Najjemba Mugisha, who is the mother of his three kids.

Aida Najjemba wiith Mondo Mugisha during their heydays

Mondo and Aida were some time back a very lovely couple that many of his followers admired and always wished they were like them.

But along the way, it is said their marriage started developing cracks, thanks to Mondo’s infidelity and gay tendencies.

According to Moles,  Mondo’s infidelity allegedly started manifesting after Najjemba learnt that he was having an affair with Nakuya and had even sired a child with her.

The revelation annoyed Najjemba so much because of Mondo’s betrayal and Moles reveal that it was after that big disappointment that she decided to relocate to London, UK, where she has  been living for several years now ever since they parted ways.

Mondo Mugisha delared intentions to bonk Joel Ssepuya

The Moles also reveal that besides cheating on her with Nakuya, it later turned out that Mondo  entertained gay antics in his life and until a few days ago  when a video leaked in which he is seen and heard declaring intentions to romp with Ssepuya, he had almost succeeded in hiding his appetite for   gay romps.

Mondo Mugisha with one of his followers

It is said that when Najjemba learnt about Mondo’s weird mannerisms she decided to estrange herself to  London, leaving him in Uganda to pursue his strange appetites.

Since Najjemba parted ways with Mondo and until he left Uganda for America, Mondo had not been known to date any other woman but often kept the company of guys.

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