How Tycoon Freeman, Lwasa and Top Mengo Official Have Turned BBS TV Into Their Hunting Grounds

How Tycoon Freeman, Lwasa and Top Mengo Official Have Turned BBS TV Into Their Hunting Grounds

By Mable Nakibuuka

Word coming in from our Moles is that city businessmen Emmanuel Lwasa, Freeman and a top Mengo Official, whom we shall not mention for obvious reasons, have turned BBS TV station into a hunting ground of sorts, where they are allegedly enjoying presenters as if they are chewing chips or popcorn.

According to our Moles, the three powerful men are doing some sort of Rotational Grazing at the TV station, whereby they are sampling them one by one, although our sources there reveal that two of them recently clashed over a juicy presenter.

Anyways, to cut the long story short, we all know that Lwasa recently got introduced by his new lover identified as Angel Candy Kwakunda.

Well, Angel would not have been that very much lucky to be hooked up by Lwasa, if he hadn’t been disappointed by BBS TV presenter Diana Nabatanzi.

Apparently, whereas news going around is that Lwasa dumped Nabatanzi because she refused to produce a child for him, word from the Moles is that he actually dumped her after he found out that another power man with a lot of say at the TV station had become too close for comfort with her.

It is said that on realising that Nabatanzi could be juggling him with the powerful Official, Lwasa decided to hook and quickly get introduced by his new catch Angel, so as to get back at Nabatanzi.

Pals reveal that when Nabatanzi heard that Lwasa was set to get introduced by his new catch shortly after he had dumped her, she quickly booked the next flight to Dubai, although she left many of her pals wondering who sponsored her trip.

She is currently on holiday in Dubai, enjoying life as she waits for the news about Lwasa’s Kwanjula to pass before she returns to Uganda but credible sources reveal that  her trip and holiday were sponsored by the Powerful Official  with clout at the TV station, because the salary she earns   at BBS TV couldn’t have surely bankrolled it, given the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economy.

Anyways, leaving Nabatanzi and her saga apart, Moles reveal that Freeman has since been linked to another juicy presenter at BBS TV station called Florence Nampijja.

Moles intimate that Nampijja is a very close friend of Freeman and their friendship has been so fruitful over time that she no longer has to worry whether her salary at BBS TV will come or not, because she is well catered for.

Meanwhile, the top Mengo Official mentioned above has also been linked to a bubbly presenter who is said to be enjoying exclusive privileges and favours on the job courtesy of her closeness to the powerful official.

But that’s a story for another day, so stay tuned for our next update about how powerful men in Kampala are enticing sexy TV presenters with money and chewing them without fear or favour to anybody.



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