Huddah Monroe Makes $50000 On  Social Media

Huddah Monroe Makes $50000 On  Social Media

By Isma Kwame Nkurunziza

If Kenyan celebrity Alhudda Njoroge aka Hudda Monroe is to be believed Onlyfans is a goldmine and she has been using her sexy notoriety to take full advantage of being a member of the site.

The Kenyan social media personality who currently lives in Dubai some time ago told her followers in a series of posts how she had made killing on Onlyfans, a social media website popular with escorts where content creators can post content and receive payment directly from their followers or fans .

In one post she wrote; “Don’t be embarrassed of your hustle! When you are broke few people will come to rescue you.”

Huddah Monroe relaxing

In another post she went on to tell her 2 million Instagram followers that she made over $50000 on her Onlyfans  account.

“I withdrew over $45000 off my Onlyfans! Still Got my  balance  @7000Lol!.I thought people left! Swipe up! Let’s go back inn!”

The Hudda Cosmetics entrepreneur charges $20 a month to her subscribers.

Eager to find another stream of income Vera Sidika, another Kenyan social media personality, in April  joined the site where she shows off her surgically enhanced assets to paying fans keen on quenching their lust.

Announcing her entry into the kinky business, the spa owner rationalized her decision to her followers by writing thus; “For those and more exclusive pics and twerk videos subscribe to my Onlyfans @queenveebosset. There is is more than enough room for everyone to make money.

Socialite Hudda Munroe sipping champagne

Who doesn’t love money, coz I do so damn Much. What is crazy is the rich ones always getting richer coz they are always hungry and never stop. Even if I get to one billion today I will still want 2,then three and four. Btw subscribe to my  Onlyfans;Queenveebosset. It’s never enough. I know billionaires on Forbes list that sleep 2-3 HOURS a day& up by 4am to attend a 5-6 meeting”.

However, both Huddah and Vera Sidika have been accused of allegedly luring girls into prostitution by parents who are getting concerned about their growing influence on their daughters.

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