‘I Am Not Yo   Mama!’- Nwagi Tells Off Fans Rebuking Her For Dressing Indecently

‘I Am Not Yo   Mama!’- Nwagi Tells Off Fans Rebuking Her For Dressing Indecently

By Ivan Mwine

Celebrated Ugandan musician Winnie Nakanwagi, who  is popularly known by her stage name Nwagi, is not happy at all with fans who want her to stop dressing indecently.


We recently revealed how several fans on social media had lambasted Nwagi for dressing indecently whenever  she is performing, yet she is a mother who is supposed to keep her dignity and portray a good image for her daughter.

Winnie Nwagi on stage performing

However, if there is anyone who doesn’t want to hear the nonsense of dressing indecently then it is Nwagi and she is not apologetic about it.

This is because after being tormented for a long time by fans about her indecent dress code, she has since finally come out and bellowed at the so-called moralist to back off, because she is simply not their ‘mama!’

As if to prove her point, Nwagi, who is signed to Swangz Avenue, posted a video in which she is seen twerking on stage  which she captioned; “Me when U tell me to dress like a mother…act like a mother…Cz I ain’t yo mama…PERIOD!”

Well, Nwagi is no stranger to such controversy, because she was some time back cautioned by the Anti-Pornographic Committee over indecent exposure.

The reprimand form the Anti-Pornographic Committee arose after Nwagi staged a very kinky performance at St. Mary’s College Kisubi (SMACK), where she caused endless excitement amongst the boys as they touched her body.


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