‘I Can Do Whatever I Want With My Body’-Sheebah Barks

‘I Can Do Whatever I Want With My Body’-Sheebah Barks

By Ivan Mwine

Songbird Sheebah Karungi aka Queen Sheebah has come  out and bellowed at moralists complaining about her raunchy dress code and kinky dance she stages while performing.

Sheebah, who kicked off a solo career after she quit Jeff Kiwanuka’s Team No Sleep (TNS) has been in the news for dressing indecently and staging very dirty dance strokes.


However, Sheebah is not about to take complaints from moralists lightly and has since assured them to leave her alone because she every right to do whatever she wants with her body.

Sheebah Karungi says she can do whatever she wants with her body

As if to emphasize her point, a very unapologetic Sheebah tweeted thus for all moralists to know;


I don’t care what you think about when you see me on stage or in any of my videos dressed the way I dress up , You better RESPECT MY BODY.  It’s MINE, I get to do whatever I want to do with It. You DON’T. You can watch but you CERTAINLY CAN’T TOUCH.”

Sheebah Karungi and Crysto Panda performing on stage

It should be noted that Sheebah has during the years she has been in the music industry sparked off lots of complaints from people who are not okay with her rather seductive dress code and explicit videos.

She however made headlines last weekend during Nigerian star Fire Boy’s concert after she allowed dancehall singer Crysto Panda to go between her legs as they performed their ‘Kyolina Omanya’ collabo on stage.




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