‘I Can’t Live Without Love’ – Heartbroken Sasha Brighton Cries Out After Separation With Shonga

‘I Can’t Live Without Love’ – Heartbroken Sasha Brighton Cries Out After Separation With Shonga

By Mable Nakibuuka

Songbird Sasha Brighton Kalungi, who is known for sensational love songs like ‘Kawomera’, ‘Kambite’ and others, is so sad and blue, following the separation with her now ex-lover Herbert Shonga.

ExposedUganda.com revealed a few weeks ago how Sasha had suffered a setback in her love life after Shonga, the man she had surrendered her heart and sumbi to, disappointed her by returning to his ex-wife Dorothy  Shonga.

Moles intimate that Sasha, who thought she had found the love of her life, has become so heartbroken but despite the betrayal, she still can’t believe that she can live without love.

Sasha Brighton with the dude she is said to be moving out with these days

She reached an extent of expressing her convictions by writing thus on her Instagram; “Can a person live without love? Is it possible?” And her question attracted numerous responses from hundreds of her followers, many of who were encouraging her to remain strong, while others sympathized with her.

Meanwhile, a few weeks after overcoming the heartache that Shonga subjected her to, we are told by moles that  Sasha has since found another dude whose shoulder she cried on until her tears dried.

Sasha’s yet to be identified dude is said to be making her so happy by spoiling her with all the niceties and goodies that money can buy such that he can induce her into forgetting all about Shonga, such that she can concentrate on him.

Moles also intimate that Sasha has, following their breakup, deleted all the photos she had taken with Shonga during their heydays from her Instagram and Facebook accounts, in a bid to totally erase him from her life.

However, fans wonder what she will do with the music videos that she recorded with him like ‘Gwe Manyi Gange’ and others because images of them together and the love they had will always be flashing into her memory whenever she sees them on TV or attempts to play them.




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