‘I Don’t Give A Damn About What You Say’-Nwagi

‘I Don’t Give A Damn About What You Say’-Nwagi


By Mable Nakibuuka

Randy bootylicious singer Winnie Nakanwagi aka Winnie Nwagi has lashed out at fans and followers who have been criticising her for parading her booty  and dimpled bums on social media by assuring them she can’t be moved by their words.

Nwagi, who has since shared another batch of very salacious pictures and videos in which she is seen flaunting her Goodies, wrote thus on social media for her haters;

Winnie Nwagi parading her Goodies

“Tell me what u want i bring for yah… n i can’t forget di Whole Sugar. I love myself so much.., y’all can’t tell me nothing!”

She had earlier on shared the first very kinky pictures with the caption “Mind the business that pays u…” as if trying to assure whoever cares to know that she earns from her body, which is her business, reason why she has to mind it.

Nwagi sparked off severe nationwide scrotal eruptions when she released the sensational snaps  that she took while on vacation at Aramaga Lodge in Fort Portal tourism city.

Whereas many of her fans and admirers praised her for sharing with them a sneak-peak of her voluptuous booty, several others came out to lambast her for allegedly losing all sense of decency dignity.

But no matter what they said or still  say, Nwagi contends that no one is about to stop her from doing whatever she  wants, reason why she has released a series of other eye-popping snapshots and videos.



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