‘I Don’t Give A Sh*t About What The World Says’-Gashumba

‘I Don’t Give A Sh*t About What The World Says’-Gashumba

By Ivan Mwine

TV star Sheila Gashumba has made it known to all and sundry that she does not give a damn about what people say about her, asserting that she is out to enjoy her life without fear or favour to anyone.

Gashumba, who hooked a gig with a South Africa based TV station early this month, is currently in Dubai, where she went for a short holiday after shooting her last episode of House Of Chefs, a show she hosts on TV.

Sheila Gashumba with her lover Rickman Rick

However,  the daughter of activists cum self-claimed moralist Frank Gashumba, seems to be perturbed especially by people who complain about her wild lifestyle and in a bid to put them in their right places she has since assure them that whatever they say can’t move her an inch.

“Forget what Society says just be happy and rock your life away,” she wrote on Instagram recently, after sharing pictures in which she is seen parading her Goodies while clad on a two piece bikini.


It should be noted that the TV star, who dumped flashy socialite Marcus Ali Lwanga aka God’s Plan, in nowadays enjoying the warmth of Sweden based Ugandan musician Rickman Rick, who is also a footballer.

The two are said to have traveled together to Dubai where they are reportedly feasting on each other unreservedly.   


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