‘I Ignored Sugar Daddies Because I Was In Love With Nameless’-Wahu

‘I Ignored Sugar Daddies Because I Was In Love With Nameless’-Wahu

By Kwame Ismail Nkurunziza


A good number of girls have no qualms juggling multiple moneyed sexual partners alongside the man they claim to be  in love with, but Kenyan musician Wahu is a little different.

In a recent interview on Jalango TV, one of   Kenya’s most popular female singers Wahu revealed that before she married Nameless, rich old men would try to entice her with money and material things but she was head-over heels in love with the towering dark-skinned hunk.

“They were there but me I was in love…The thing about it is, what is the sponsor bringing to you? Money. Most likely you are not the only lone. I normally tell girls, build for yourself. Whatever that guy is making you can also make it yourself,” she wrote on twitter.

Wahu also went on to reveal that she wrote her hit song “Sitishiki” which means’ I am not moved or impressed’  after a flashy and promiscuous man who used to work with United Nations tried to win her over using money.

Nameless, 44, who has been married to Wahu, 40, for 15 years, also revealed that he fell in love with Wahu when he saw her on TV in a commercial.

The two went on to date for seven years before they settled down as husband and wife. The successful creatively gifted couple has two children.

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