‘I Really Wanted Some D***’: Card B  On Why She Took Back Hubby After Divorce

‘I Really Wanted Some D***’: Card B  On Why She Took Back Hubby After Divorce


By Kwame Isma Nkurrunziza

Just 27 days after the WAP rapper publicly announced the step towards the end of her marriage she is back with Kiari Kendrell Cephus, known professionally as Offset, the father of Kulture, her daughter.

For sceptics who dismissed her decision to file for divorce and only to change her mind  as a gimmick or publicity stunt, this what the 28 year old former stripper had to say; “I just be starting to miss [him]…It’s hard not to miss your bestfriend. And it’s really hard to have no d**.”

When a friend in a background suggested she might be suffering from bipolar because of the way her moods change, the mother of one quickly debunked  that assumption and said; “I know I am not bipolar  ’cause I took the test.”

Cardi B and hubby Offset recently

On whether she changed her mind because her husband bought her a Rolls Royce on her birthday recently she responded by saying; “I do like material things. What do you want me to do. The n* gave me a Rolls Royce and I snub him? And I really wamted some d* for my birthday.”

Finally, commenting about the nature of her relationship, she said both of them are really typical young folks who got married early.

“That’s what we are. We are no any different from other people in a dysfunctional a* relationship. We are just the same way!”

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