‘I Shall Not Return Anything To You, Not Even A Spoon’- Lwasa’s Ex-Wife Angel Bellows After Dumping, Robbing Him

‘I Shall Not Return Anything To You, Not Even A Spoon’- Lwasa’s Ex-Wife Angel Bellows After Dumping, Robbing Him

By Ivan Mwine

City businessman Emmanuel Lwasa is not settled and does not have any peace ever since his wife Angel Candy Kwakunda decided to dump him and elope with another man.

We revealed last month how Angel had eloped with a  muscled dude identified as Abdul Kamulegeya, who is based in America, although he had returned to Uganda on holiday.

Angel and Lwasa before they parted ways

Reports indicate that when Angel was leaving Lwasa’s house, she swept it clean, whereby she took off with everything, including  his clothes, spoons, mingling sticks, saucepans, boxers, etc.

Lwasa and Angel when they were still in love

Now the latest from Moles is that Lwasa, who was in America at the time Angel swept his house clean, is reportedly begging her to return some of  his stuff, such that he can move on with life.

He has thus been calling Angel endlessly and reportedly sending her emissaries to convince her to refund some of the money she took and surrender his stuff but to no avail.

Angel’s new lover Abdul Kamulegeya

We are told that although he managed to repossess the Mark X car she had taken, Angel is not ready to return anything to Lwasa, not even a spoon or pair of socks.

As if to prove her words, she has since shared a video on social media in which she assures him to be very careful next time before he dates another woman and that she did not ask him to give her anything but he did so willingly.

singer Desire Luzinda giving Lwasa a kiss before she dumped him

Lwasa hooked up with Angel in 2020 after he was dumped by BBS TV star Diana Nabatanzi, whom he said was just enjoying his dime but didn’t want to produce a child for him.

Angel and Lwasa held a colourful introduction ceremony that was later followed by a glamorous wedding although it has since ended barely two years to its inception.

It should be recalled that Lwasa was married to Faith Kamatenesi, with whom he has children but their marriage collapsed a few years ago after she accused him of allegedly cheating on her with singer Desire Luzinda.

However, his affair with  Desire didn’t last long for, it ended when he stopped bankrolling her flashy lifestyle.


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