I Was A Virgin When I Met Bobi – Barbie

I Was A Virgin When I Met Bobi – Barbie

By Simon Abaho

National Unity Platform President Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine’s wife Barbie Itungo Kyagulanyi has disclosed that by the time she met the father of her children, she was still a virgin.

Barbie Kyagulanyi opened up about her virginity before meeting Bobi while giving advice to young girls at a charity event where she donated materials to new mothers.


She was giving to Mothers in the Larger Region of Luwero , she was also accompanied by the Five Members Of Parliament who belong to the National Unity Platform(NUP)

She said being a church girl she got an opportunity to listen to stories of many girls; especially those who married not because they wanted to but because their parents had accepted dowry, something that she says still happens in her village. At Caring Hearts, she says they teach young girls the value of education and delaying sex.

“I was a virgin when I met my husband. They also can”, she says.  For women, they teach them the importance of having a side income activity and not depending on the husband for everything.

Barbie assured the public of how Bobi Wine is the only person she has ever slept with in her entire life. She added that he will also be the last person she will ever have sex with until God separates them.

The Kyagulanyi Family.

The mother of four went on to state that the reason as to why they have lasted all this long in their relationship is because she found someone who understands her because she is not an easy person.

When asked but the Interviewer about having a child for the struggle, she was thats not happening because i have to look after the children of the Nation.


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