‘I Was Tired Of Cold Nights’- Sheikh Muzaata’s Widow Reveals Why She Hooked New Hubby

‘I Was Tired Of Cold Nights’- Sheikh Muzaata’s Widow Reveals Why She Hooked New Hubby

By Ivan Mwine
Kuluthum Muzaata, the widow of late Muslim cleric Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata has revealed why she decided to get married again, just a year after her husband’s death.

Muzaata died on December 4th, 2020, under unclear circumstances, leaving Kuluthum very lonely and after braving cold nights for 12 months, she has since decided to find a man to warm her bed.

Kuluthum Muzaata with her new hubby Sheikh Acram Gumisiriza

So, over the weekend she was secretly united with her new lover Sheikh Acram Gumisiriza in marriage at a private Islamic wedding ceremony (Nikah), which was held at her brother Ibra Ssebunya’s home in Magere, Gayaza, Wakiso District.

Sheikh Gumisiriza and other guests at Kuluthum’s Nikah ceremony

Our Moles at City Hall based Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), where Kuluthum works, reveal prior to hooking up with Gumisiriza she had always been complaining to close pals about how she was feeling so lonely and missing something in her life.

Kuluthum at her new home

The Moles reveal that after battling loneliness for a long time, Allah performed a miracle for Kuluthum mid this year when she travelled to  South Africa on official duty for KCCA and that was where she met Gumisiriza and they kicked off a passionate affair that has since resulted into a blossoming relationship.

Moles reveal that Gumisiriza, who is a professional engineer, is based in Winchester Hills, West Johannesburg, S. Africa and it is where he plans to relocate Kuluthum next year.

We have however learnt that following their newfound love, Gumisiriza has since gifted her with a posh house in Buziga and a new ride to ease her movements around the city.

Kuluthum’s late hubby Sheikh Muzaata was a Ugandan religious leader, Muslim cleric and leader of Dawa in Uganda.

He died on December 04th, 2020 at International Hospital Kampala where he was receiving treatment after he developed strange health complications.


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