‘I Will Not Rest Until You Pay Back’- Ray G’s Ex-Lover Ankunda Spits Fire

‘I Will Not Rest Until You Pay Back’- Ray G’s Ex-Lover Ankunda Spits Fire

By Ivan Mwine

Celebrated Western Uganda singer Reegan Muhirwe, popularly known as Ray G, who lost his newborn baby a few days ago,  is not about to have peace, after his ex-lover deciding to raise hell for him.

Ray G lost a baby girl that had been produced by his new lover Annabel Twinomugisha, a journalist in western Uganda.

Ray G’s ex-lover Liz Ankunda who is spitting fire

However, his former lover identified as Liz Ankunda Namara seems to be happy because Ray G is suffering now and has since vowed to make him pay for breaking her heart  and moving on with another woman.

Liz Ankunda’s lethal social media post

 Ankunda shocked the nation when she wrote on social media thus; “Dear Ray G I warned to be careful after messing up the good life we had built together but you couldn’t listen  coz Mbarara’s public P***Y had opened her P***y for you now look at you!!!! My beloved ex I will not rest until you pay for my years and money you wasted….unless that your gonna cry until leave this world.”   

Ray G with new lover Annabel Twinomugisha

It is said that Ray G dated Ankunda a few years ago but he dumped her and hooked up with Twinomugisha although since then she has never forgiven him for breaking her heart.

However, despite Ankunda’s rant, Ray G, who is still mourning the loss of his child, has not yet responded.


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