‘I Won’t Take Any Bull**it From You’-Sheebah Barks At Jeff, Rahma Pinky

‘I Won’t Take Any Bull**it From You’-Sheebah Barks At Jeff, Rahma Pinky

By Ivan Mwine

Former Team No Sleep (TNS) singer Sheebah Karungi aka Queen Sheebah has blasted her ex-manager Jeff Kiwanuka aka Jeff Kiwa, who ditched her a few weeks ago before he signed up a new singer identified as Rahmah Pinky.

Sheebah fell out with Jeff after they developed irreconcilable differences that saw her walk out of TNS but he was quick to find a ‘dangerous substitute’, who is giving quickly filling the void that the ‘Yolo’ singer left behind.

Budding singer Rahma Pinky

Moles reveal however that what is worse is that Jeff is doing everything possible to ensure that Rahmah Pinky takes on Sheebah’s vocals such that she can sound exactly like her, which will in turn affect her brand.

But Sheebah is not taking this lightly and has since blasted  Jeff and Rahmah to mind their own business  because she is not about to give up on a promising music career.

“Am a grown woman. I can do whatever i want”.  B,” Sheebah wrote on social media, on Wednesday, adding that; “#2022 Am not taking any kind of BS from you!! We just going to enjoy life as we chasing that paper.”

Not Moved: Sheebah Karungi

Many of her fans have since construed her post to be an indirect attack on Jeff Kiwa and Rahmah Pinky, who Sheebah regards as people bent on jeopardizing her music career.

It should however be noted that Sheebah is not the only Ugandan musician who has fallen out badly with Jeff Kiwa.

Jeff Kiwa started his career as a manager with music doctor Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone in the early 2000s but they developed misunderstandings that saw them part ways bitterly.

He later started managing the Goodlyfe singers Moses Ssekibogo  aka Mowzey Radio (RIP) and Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel but they fell out after developing arguments over money.

Following their separation, a bitter property war erupted between Jeff and the Goodlyfe boys over their Makindye based Neverland mansion, plus copyrights for the songs they had recorded under Goodlyfe.

After parting ways with the Goodlyfe boys Jeff started up TNS with singers like Emmanuel Mayanja alias AK-47 (RIP), Pallaso and others  but these ones quit the group too after failing to reach an amicable agreement with him.

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