ICT Minister Nabakooba says Government plans to reintroduce tougher COVID-19 prevention strategies

ICT Minister Nabakooba says Government plans to reintroduce tougher COVID-19 prevention strategies

By Norman Isaac Mwambazi 

Over the previous few months, there has been a gradual decrease of COVID-19 infections in the country and Ugandans looked to have relaxed in observing prevention measures. In the same vein, while others have been hoping that the government would fully open up the country by removing restrictions that are currently in place like the 9 pm curfew, opening bars and concerts, as well as allowing public transport to carry the full capacity of passengers.

There has been a blow on these plans. With COVID-19 cases surging in neighbouring Kenya and countries like India recording a record number of infections every day, the government is wary that Uganda might slide into the second wave of COVID-19 if intervention measures are not undertaken.


This is why the government is planning to reintroduce tougher measures. According to Minister of ICT and National Guidance Judith Nabakooba, these measures are intended to prevent the country from sliding into the second wave, and also make Ugandans understand that the pandemic is still with us.

“Government has decided to embark on some of the strategies that we employed last year in March. These interventions are going to help the country to avoid what is happening now in India,” Nabakooba said.

She added, “The reintroduction of these restrictions should tell us that the situation is serious, and it should serve as a wake-up call. COVID is back, angrier, more dangerous, and ready to kill more Ugandans than ever before.”

The COVID-19 vaccination campaign is still going on in the country, and as of Friday, April 30, 2021, the Ministry of Health reported that 330,077 Ugandans have been vaccinated.


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