‘I’m A Model Who Gets Paid To Be Snapped’ – Fic Fameika’s Vixen Speaks Out On Leaked Nudes

‘I’m A Model Who Gets Paid To Be Snapped’ – Fic Fameika’s Vixen Speaks Out On Leaked Nudes

By Ivan Mwine

We recently revealed how nude photos of a city model identified as Sharlyn Kamara, who  featured in rapper Fik Fameica’s ‘This &  That’ video  had leaked.

The leaked nudes happened to land in the hands of our Moles, who exposed them last month, showing how Kamara had decided to pose naked before the lenses.

One of Kamara’s leaked nudes

Well, following the exposure, Kamara has since reached out to us and revealed that she is a model who earns money by posing for photos, which includes nude photoshoots.

Sharlyn Kamara at the beach during a photoshoot.

‘I’m a model I get paid to be shot, there’s nothing like leaking my nudes like y’all are spreading,” Kamara told one of our Moles.

Kamara posing for the nude photoshoot

Moles also reveal   that Kamara, who is an alumnus of the International University of East Africa, is not only a sizzling model but is also building a career as an  actress.

Kamara featured in Fik Fameica’s ‘This & That’ video

Although it is not yet clear how Kamara’s nudes leaked and went viral on social media, it should be noted that several celebrities have in the past leaked their nudes in a bid to  attract a huge following, despite known that the act contravenes the Anti-Pornography Act.

Kamara shared one of the nudes on her Instagram page

Watch this space for details about the man who is behind Kamara’s nude snaps and the other models he has photographed nude, including Doreen Kabareebe!


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