‘I’m A Proud Spinster Who Doesn’t Give A Damn About Kids’-Angella Katatumba

‘I’m A Proud Spinster Who Doesn’t Give A Damn About Kids’-Angella Katatumba

By Ivan Mwine

Popular Ugandan musician Angella Katatumba has shocked the world after she revealed that she is a proud spinster and divorcee who doesn’t give a damn about whether she has kids or not.

Katatumba, who was answering questions posed by journalists during a press conference a few days ago, went out of her way and spilt the beans before the cameras.


It all started when journalists asked her if she wasn’t worried about not having children yet she is soon hitting menopause.

To their surprise however, Katatumba replied thus:

“For your own information I got married several years ago and I’m divorced.  I don’t care about marrying again because I’ve already been down that road, so, I’m a proud ‘Nakyeyombekede (spinster).”

She added that; “I’m not like you who are on pressure, looking for someone to chose you. They chose me already!”

Asked about when she hopes to have children, Katatumba replied that; “I don’t care whether I have children or not so long as I have money.  So, all of you here who have children, of what financial benefit are they to you?    It’s okay to reach a time when I can no longer  produce as long as I have money. So, you guys are hear talking to me, thinking you achieved, because you gave birth to kids log ago?”

It should be noted that Katatumba, who is 33 years old, is one of the famous Ugandan female artists  who have over the years been unlucky in love.

She was some years back married to an African-American identified as Ward Alonzo, although along the wat their marriage didn’t work out and they ended up divorcing without  producing a child.

She later hooked up with  a Ugandan rapper only identified as Newton NTO, but their relationship didn’t work out either after he faulted her for constantly henpecking him.

After Newton, she hooked up with Jamaican singer Kuzi KZ but their fling didn’t last long because he had to fly back to Jamaica.

She later hooked up with celebrated Ugandan musician cum producer Daddy Andre whom she dated for several months before their relationship hit rocks.

On parting ways with Daddy Andre, Katatumba hooked up another artist identified as Buka Chimney, but it is not yet clear whether they are still romping or not.


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