‘I’m Still Virgin’ –  Diva Jowy Landa  Makes Shocking Revelation

‘I’m Still Virgin’ –  Diva Jowy Landa  Makes Shocking Revelation

By Wycliffe Gibogi 

Ugandan Afro-Beat diva, Jowy Landa is the real deal now, especially for secret admirers and crushes, after she stunned the nation by revealing that she is still virgin.

This follows her shocking revelation about her sexuality over the weekend in an interview on local radio station Galaxy FM, during which the singer said her Sumbie has never been tampered with by any man.


During her interview on  Galaxy FM’s ‘Galaxy Explosion’ show with Mr. Henrie, the ‘Saba Saba’ singer, who is 23 years old now, said she is a proud virgin patiently waiting for  right man to Deflower her.

Jowy Landa is also confident that no man can ever come out to refute her statement since she can proudly adduce evidence to prove her virginity.

Pallaso with Jowy Landa

“Yes, I’m virgin and not hoping to break it soon. Nobody out there can claim to have bedded me,” Jowy Landa said.

Although she has in the past been said to have dated a number of men, among them dancehall star Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso, the pencil-thin musician assured her fans of how she has often limited her sexuality to just a hug.

“I have had boyfriends before but I limit them to hugs. Many of my friends are always heartbroken by men,” she adds.

Jowy Landa is the new artiste signed under Sure Events, that was formerly known for managing singer Natukunda Rose aka Nina Roz before she decided to dish out everything-talent and Sumbie,  to Daddy Andre.


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