In Trouble: Buchaman Faces Arrest For Brutalising Rocky Giant

In Trouble: Buchaman Faces Arrest For Brutalising Rocky Giant

By Exposed Uganda

National Resistance Movement (NRM) ghetto mobiliser  Mark Bugembe aka Buchaman is in deep trouble over allegations  of assaulting fellow musician Rocky Giant.

According to footage of a video that has since gone viral on social media, Buchaman and his gang were filmed brutalising Rocky Giant, accusing him of claiming to be the current ghetto president.

In the said video, Buchaman is seen kicking Rocky Giant, who is kneeling down on his knees pleading for mercy.

Buchaman’s acts of brutality have since attracted nationwide  condemnation from several concerned Ugandans, who have called upon the police to react to the situation and bring him to order.

Commenting about the matter, Police Public Relations Officer Polly Namaye revealed that the police have seen the video and investigations are ongoing, after which the next  course of action will be taken.

It should be noted that ever since Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bob Wine was elected, Buchaman declared himself the ghetto president and he has since come out to attack anyone who declares himself ghetto president.

Buchaman, who was once Bobi Wine’s right-hand man during the time they were both in  the Firebase crew before  they separated, was early  this year appointed by Presdient Yoweri Museveni as the Presidential Adviser on Ghetto Affairs.

Although he was never vetted by parliament or his position ratified by the  Appointments Committee, Buchaman has since gone ahead to execute his duties as Presidential Adviser, albeit in a very rudimentary manner.

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