Intercontinental Labour Recruitment MD Mpungu Arrested Over Illegal Organ Harvesting

Intercontinental Labour Recruitment MD Mpungu Arrested Over Illegal Organ Harvesting

By Ivan Mwine

The State House Ant-Corruption Unit has arrested Ali Mpungu, the Managing Director of Intercontinental Labour Recruitment Limited, a company that exports labour to Saudi Arabia, over allegations of  being involved in illicit human organ trafficking.

Mpungu, who heads the company that has its offices in Kisaasi, along Bahai Road in Kawempe Division, was arrested over allegations that he and others still at large attempted to illegally harvest body organs from Immaculate Kibekyenga, whom they had exported to Saudi Arabia to work as a maid.

According to officials from the Unit, Kibekyenga,26, was trafficked to Saudi Arabia in September 2021 by Intercontinental Opportunities Labour Recruitment Company.

An official from the State House Anti-Corruption Unit (L) narrates the suffering Immaculate Kibekyenga (R) went through

Although she was hoodwinked that she was being taken to Saudi Arabia to work as a maid, little did Kibekyenga know that there was a sinister plot to harvest her internal organs.

However, a Good Samaritan who learnt of the plan to harvest Kibekyenga’s body organs alerted her as she was being taken to the hospital and in turn she (Kibekyenga) then called her sister in Uganda who raised the matter to the State House Anti-Corruption Unit and the police, who immediately started following it up.

Fortunately, the Unit managed to rescue Kibekyenga and undertook the process of returning her to Uganda and on March 14th, 2022 she managed to fly back home, although in a terrible health condition.

We have established that the police have Mpungu in custody such he can help them with investigations into the matter, because there might be very many other girls his company sent to Saudi Arabia who might be suffering the same plight as Kibekyenga.

Immaculate Kibekyenga narrating her ordeal as tears roll down her face

It should however be noted that Kibekyenga is not the only Ugandan to suffer the blunt of illegal human trafficking in Uganda, because the vice has been going on for a long time.

Last year, the government revoked licenses of eight labour export companies following an avalanche of complaints against them.

The Internal Affairs ministry revealed that Middle East Consultants located at Tank Hill road in Muyenga, Rider Uganda Ltd located in Bukoto, Al-Said Agency Ltd based in Kibuye along Salama Road and Eagle Supervision Ltd situated at Mengo, Forbes Enterprises Ltd based in Kiwatule, Top Notch Recruitment Services, Fly International Jobs and Sahara Recruitment Agency Ltd based in Lubaga are no longer permitted to export labour.

Agnes Igoye, Coordinator of anti-human trafficking at the ministry of Internal Affairs, said the eight companies had several complaints lodged against them by victims or relatives of victims who were suffering in foreign countries, some of whom had lost their lives.

Igoye said they were able to assess complaints levied against the companies with the help of among other ministries Gender, Foreign Affairs and security agencies such as External Security Organisation (ESO) and Internal Security Organisation – ISO and the Immigration department.

She said the banned companies have numerous cases of forgeries, human rights violations, smuggling and suffering of Ugandans taken to serve as domestic workers in countries like Saudi Arabia, Oman and UAE.

Researchers into this organized crime reveal that the evil of human trafficking has its seeds sown in the Ugandan community by unemployment, poverty and naivety among the youths, most especially graduates, since many of them resort to going overseas to look for instant solutions to home problems, high paying jobs and good working conditions.

However, many of these end up being trafficked by agents disguised as officials working for labour exportation companies, who promise them lucrative paychecks and benefits only to end up selling them to organ traffickers in the United Arab Emirates, China and other countries.

The political class is silent about the issue, Internal security organs hardly provide solutions and Offices concerned simply endorse the movements since the deals are paying astronomical figures.

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