INTERVIEW: Mbarara Men Want Free Sex, Bonk Gals For One Bottle Of Beer- Singer Julia Musik

INTERVIEW: Mbarara Men Want Free Sex, Bonk Gals For One Bottle Of Beer- Singer Julia Musik

By Our Reporter

Julia Tugumisirize aka Julia Musik, a budding musician, was born on October 31, in Buhweju District, Western Uganda.

She is an RnB and Afro pop artist who has set standards high in Uganda’s music industry, thanks to her sweet vocals.

She told Exposed Uganda why the Western Uganda music industry has failed to topple the Kampala side.

Away from her super-sexy and curvy body, the singer has got a sleek voice that warms the hearts of her fans.

Julia Musik looking so gorgeous

During this interview with her, she revealed some of her dirty secrets and how she is fed up of Mbarara men who are so stingy that they start demanding for sex after buying just one bottle of beer for a babe.

Talented Julia recently released the visuals for the first Amapiano song in Runyakitara which has made her very popular.

Under the Kitara Music label, she premiered the song that is currently trending on all social media platforms.

Qun: Your song ‘Yebare’ has become a club anthem, whose idea was it?

Julia: Management (Kitara Music) brought the idea since the Amapiano genre was trending. They needed something to ride on to create awareness for my brand Julia Musik. Initially, I was hesitant about the project but management influenced my decision. Management worked with  Portrezy_TBK (Nigerian Producer )  for the track and later Drizzy (Sound Africa- Mbarara ).

Qun: How long have you been in the music industry?

Julia: This is my third year in the western music industry. Music has been part of me since childhood. I did music in my secondary school

Qun: So far, what has been your most successful and biggest project ever done?

Julia: ‘Yebare’ is getting me to go to places I’d never expected to be. I have got strangers greeting and thanking me for the great work, more airplay, interviews, etc.

Qun: You’re based in Mbarara but want to penetrate the industry globally; how are you going to achieve that?

Julia: My niche is Mbarara. It’s the place I need to capture first before I get the global attention. It’s coming soon. On my upcoming album, I have invested in good audio production, collaborations and good lyrical content that will sweep everyone off their feet. Trust Me with God in control, I will get the attention.

Qun: Who cashes in for your music projects?

Julia: I am currently under the management  of Kitara Music, a record label that takes control of my musical endeavors now.

Qun: How did you share the proceeds from your latest project ‘Yebare’?

Julia: I think the returns are measured individually, i.e it’s through the song that I’m getting this interview. I believe it would have taken me more time to have it done if it wasn’t for the song. Kunaana’s Mc value has gone up, Rockie has been reenergized because she had lost interest in doing music since she was not getting airplay for her projects.

Qun: Why has western music industry failed to take over Uganda the way music from artistes based in Kampala has done?

Julia: The Apathy surrounding the Runyakitara dialect is too much but we are breaking the barriers mpola mpola. For instance, ‘Yebare’ is getting massive airplay on TV and radio stations in Kampala. If the stakeholders can consistently distribute music from western Uganda, we shall capture a better market share.

Qun: You said you don’t tolerate stingy people, why do you love money so much?

Julia: Mbarara men want free sex and want to be loved without loving back. He will tell you ‘Can we go home’ after buying just one bottle of beer. Really! I don’t love money; I prefer people who hang out without any conditions attached to whatever we enjoy while on a night out.

Qun: Can you date a man for money?

Julia: Yes, money in a relationship has to be top on my mind. Money influences everything nowadays to the extent that being broke is like a curse. It’s hell on earth.

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