Interview: Shirah Banks Talks About Her Music Career And Why She’s Still Single

Interview: Shirah Banks Talks About Her Music Career And Why She’s Still Single

By Mable Nakibuuka

Singer Shirah Banks, who is known for songs like ‘Ngenze ne Bobi’, ‘Ku Mutwe’ and others this week opened up for an interview with, during which she revealed all about her music career and love life.

Here are the excerpts and audios of the interview;

Qn: Can you please tell about us about yourself and how old you are?


Shirah: I am Namasembe Shirah, 24 years old, although my stage name  is Shirah Banks. I am a musician and actress under Sharonah Film Productions.

Qn: What schools did you attend, if any?

Shirah: I went to New Valley Nursery and Primary School,  after which I  joined St. Charles Lwanga International School Kakiri for my O-Level and thereafter I joined St. Juliana High School, Gayaza for my A-Level.

Qn: When did you start doing professional music?

Shirah:  I started doing music quite some time back although in 2017 was when I started doing it professionally.

Qn: What genre of music do you do?

Shirah: I can do all types of music because I feel the talent in me.

Qn: Have you recorded any songs?

Shirah: I have done many songs but so far I have recorded 7 audios and 3 videos which include; ‘Ngenze ne Bobi’, ‘Nayononeka’, ‘Kumutwe’, ‘Nkukuume bukuumi’,  ‘Sitide’ and the rest.


Qn: Who inspires you to do music?

Shirah: I am inspired by David Lutalo. I just love the way he does his thing.

Qn: Can you tell us about your love life; are you single and searching or already dating someone?

Shirah: Actually, my love life is complicated. You guys can’t understand it.

Qn: What do you think is sexy about you?

Shirah: When I look at myself, I’m all sexy. The whole body is sexy. But then when I look at my lips, even without lipstick I feel okay.


Qn: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?


Shirah: In the next five years I see myself at an international level.

Shirah Banks cuts a pose

Qn: Who produces your music?

Shirah: I work with different producers who include; Diggy Baur from Sabula Records,  Andy Magic, Jumba Beats, No Name Pro, there is also Paddy Man but actually when I’m with Jonah Pro I always feel at home.

Qn: Have  you released any albums yet?


Shirah: I haven’t released an album yet because like I told you I have many songs in studio but I’ve so far released only 7, which doesn’t make an album yet.

Qn: Who writes your music?

Shirah: Oh, I write my music. I write my songs. It depends on the mood I’m in. But if I’m not in my moods and there is a high demand for songs then my writers come in. That is Temperature, Joan Nalule and Jimmy

Shirah Banks in studio



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