Irene Ntale, Neliah In Bitter Supremacy War

Irene Ntale, Neliah In Bitter Supremacy War

By Ivan Mwine

There is a hostile supremacy war raging on between singers Iryn Ntale and Neliah Kansiime, who is popularly known as Neliah.

Word from our Moles reveal that Ntale’s  camp is not on good terms at all with Neliah, whom they fault for copying Ntale’s style and vocals in a bid to ‘kill’ her brand.

According to Moles privy to this supremacy war, Ntale’s sympathisers accuse Neliah of reportedly failing to establish her own identity and brand but choosing to ride on the fame of an already established artiste.

However, sources close to Neliah reveal that she vehemently refutes such allegations, insisting that she is a totally different brand from Ntale and that she is not copying anything from her.

Gorgeous singer Neliah Kansiime

The supremacy war, according to Moles, cropped up after word started spreading around town that Neliah is only ‘new-school’ Ugandan musician that is giving Ntale sleepless nights and likely to replace her in the near future, since Ntale’s  generation of ‘old-school’ musicians is fast being phased out.

Sexy singer Irene Ntale

It should be noted that unlike Ntale who had taken a long musical break until recently when she returned to the limelight, Neliah is currently doing rounds on various airwaves with her songs like ‘Free’, ‘Owewange’ ‘Bwerere’ and others.

She also has a new music video dubbed ‘Deep In Love’, which is being officially released on Monday May 16th, 2022 by Black Market Records, the record label under which she is signed.

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