Is Muhoozi Project Taking Shape: Why Museveni Retired Top UPDF Generals

Is Muhoozi Project Taking Shape: Why Museveni Retired Top UPDF Generals

By Ivan Mwine

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, who is the Commander-in—Chief of the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF)  has endorsed the retirement of 34 senior army officers.

The retirees, who   will officially  retire from the UPDF during ceremonies that are to be held at the UPDF headquarters on May 16th and 17th, 2022, include Generals, Major Generals and Brigadier Generals.

Some of the officers that retiring include; Gen. David Sse

The list of Generals that are retiring from the army

jusa, Gen. Ivan Koreta, Lt. Gen. Prossy Nalweyiso,  Lt. Gen. Pecos Kutesa,  Lt. Gen. Jim Owoyesigyire, Maj. Gen. Christopher Kazoora Murema,  Maj. Gen. Moses Ddiba Ssentongo, Maj Gen Robert Rusoke and Maj Gen Fred Mugisha .

Others Generals to be retired include; Maj. Gen. Innocent Oula, Brig. Gen. Moses Kigongo, Brig. Gen. Jacob Asiimwe, Brig. Gen. Moses Shaban Lukyamuzi, Brig. Gen. Muhammed Abiriga, Brig. Gen. John Araali Kasaija and Brig. Gen. Frank Kanyarutokye.

However, political pundits intimate that the move to retire the Generals ahead of the 2026 general election is aimed at creating space for aspiring presidential contender Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba as the highest ranking army officer.

The pundits also intimate that the President is expected to promote several youthful army officers to fill the gaps created by the retiring Generals, who will assist Muhoozi in leading the armed forces.

It should be noted that Muhoozi a few days ago announced his intention to contest for presidency despite the fact that the is still an army officer, something that contravenes Uganda’s constitution.

His intention to take over form President Museveni was first brought to the public realm by Gen. Ssejusa in 2013 who told the media about  what he termed then as the Muhoozi Project’, which he said was being hatched by some top government officials.

Ssejusa also warned then that there was a plot to deal thoroughly with  whoever tried to stop or impede the Muhoozi project, even if it meant eliminating them.

Ever since Ssejusa spilt the secrets of the Muhoozi project however  he has not been on good terms with the army  and all his efforts to retired from the forces have over the years been frustrated by the army’s leadership until recently when President Museveni gave the green light that he should retire.

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