It’s No Big Deal To Bleach’- Ntale Tells Off Nagging Fans

It’s No Big Deal To Bleach’- Ntale Tells Off Nagging Fans


By Norman Isaac Mwambazi


Although most people, especially Africans believe in the saying that ‘Black is Beauty’, songbird Irene Ntale doesn’t seem to believe so, perhaps the reason why she has consistently bleached over the years.

In recent months, singer-songwriter and guitarist Ntale has been the subject of discussion and some ridicule by fans and followers because of her visibly changed skin complexion.

The once dark-skinned gorgeous singer has over the years become lighter in complexion but her gorgeousness hasn’t changed,  despite the metamorphosis is her skin colour raising eyebrows amongst her fans.

The different shades of Irene Ntale

In the same vein, Ntale has also grown a bigger butt, which has left many of her fans guessing that perhaps she is getting well-irrigated by a yet-to-be identified known gentleman, or she is just enjoying the cash that is coming from UMG to take care of her beautiful self.

Fans on the other side, say there was no need to do this (the bleaching, not the growing of her butt), because she looked lovely in her dark skin but of course fans cannot decide how a celebrity chooses to live their personal life and what to do with their skin. Besides, it is just the skin that has changed. The music is still coming great.

However, the sweet-voiced singer has since told all those that remind her of her skin complexion that it is no big deal for as far as she is concerned, telling them that some of them have done it as well, and that some of her male fans have had their Manhoods’ enhanced.

Gorgeous Irene Ntale
Gorgeous Irene Ntale

“I honestly let the bleaching comments slide ‘cause I probably have so many supporters that have bleached, enlarged their buttocks, men that have also enlarged their manhood! It is not a big deal guys. Live a little,” Ntale tweeted.

Ntale’s EP, ‘Sukaali’ is enjoying favourable rotation on the airwaves and she has dropped a few videos already off the album.

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